What can you use AWS management console for?

AWS Management Console Features


In this blog, we will enhance the AWS Management Console Features.

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Get secure, web-based access.

Secure sessions and logins

You can securely log in to the AWS Management Console with your AWS or IAM account credentials. Your login session automatically expires after 12 hours for enhanced security. Click the “Click login to continue” button and log in again to resume your session. Using the federation API, you may also decide how long federated sessions can last based on your organisation’s preferences (GetFederationToken or AssumeRole).

Browser assistance

Use the browser of your choice to explore any AWS service. Along with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, the Console supports the three most recent iterations of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari.

Mobile app

You may quickly view your current resources, including CloudWatch alarms, using the AWS Console mobile app on an iOS or Android mobile device. Download the mobile app from the iTunes Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Appstore.

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Use tools for building and learning

Automated wizards and workflows

To make it simpler to test and build with AWS services, the Console offers a variety of automated and simple processes and wizards. Activate a virtual machine, link an IoT device, or begin a development project. You can deploy and test various applications using one or more AWS services.

CLI, SDK, and other developer tool support

With developer tools like the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) and AWS CloudFormation scripts, you can review, monitor, and interact with resources you’ve generated in structured and user-friendly ways utilising the Management Console. Even if you want to build and run your apps and services manually, the Console can still be helpful for you in visual finding and rapidly getting hands-on with a service’s capability.

AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace, a digital catalogue containing hundreds of program listings from open software suppliers, may be readily accessed access through the Management Console. Software that runs on AWS is simple to locate, test, buy, and install due to the AWS Marketplace.

Manage and monitor your account 

Billing & Cost Management dashboard.

From the Billing and Cost Management Dashboard, you can keep track of your service usage, budget your costs, pay your AWS account, and alter your billing information. Also, you can set an alert to alert you if your costs go above a fixed value.

User roles and access management

Manage all of your AWS services and resources’ access securely. To create and administer AWS users and groups, utilise AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). Access to Aws services can be given or refused to users based on the policies you define.

System health monitoring

Manage your tool use, monitor system health, and react to performance changes. You can view all of your AWS resources, apps, and services running on AWS and on-premises servers in one place with the help of AWS CloudWatch, which gives you access to monitor and operate data in the form of logs, metrics, and events.


So far, we have enhanced the AWS Management Console Features. AWS offers a great career path for individuals interested in cloud computing, cloud-based app development, and public cloud management.

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