Top Tips to Improve Your Swift Programming Skills

Top Tips to Improve Your Swift Programming Skills

In this blog, we shall discuss the importance of swift programming and why Swift is better than objective c.

Since Apple announced Swift as the official programming language for developing apps for iOS and macOS, it has been a significant increase in the demand for technical people with Swift programming skills. There are multiple learning resources available to help you get started with Swift programming. Join Swift Developer Training in Chennai to learn more about swift programming.

What is Swift Programming?

Swift is a programming language for iOS mobile applications that provides an alternative to Objective-C, an object-oriented pack of the C programming language that had previously served as the foundation of iOS development. Swift is intended to work with all existing iOS software applications.

Top Tips to Improve Your Swift Programming Skills:

Improve The Readability:

The best way to use data structures in Swift is to create a file that contains all of the application’s constants. It is beneficial because Swift supports enclosure structures. 

Reduce Objective-C Run Time:

The Swift programming language allows you to extend classes from NSObject to obtain the Objective-C runtime feature for an object. It also enables Swift methods to be annotated with objective-c so that they can be used by the Objective-C runtime. Supporting these runtimes means that method calls will be dynamically dispatched rather than static.

Use Method Swizzing:

Method swizzing is the process of replacing one method’s implementation with another. Swift optimizes code to use direct memory addresses for all calls. You can use default swizzing instead of looking up the method location at runtime. It is recommended that you disable this with dynamic keyword optimization and extend NSObject. Enroll at FITA Academy for the best Swift Online Course. 

Remove Asynchronous Code:

Swift uses simple and clear syntax for function completion. Completion blocks have existed in Objective-C, but they were added late in the language’s development. It is much easier compared with the new closure syntax. Swift’s new syntax applies to any method that takes a closure as its final parameter.

Control Access to Code:

To encapsulate the code, you must always use appropriate access control modifiers. Encapsulation helps understand how the prices of code interact with one another without having to recall the thought process or ask the developer who wrote it. The programming language includes mechanisms for private, internal, and public access.


Now you would have understood the Top Tips to Improve Your Swift Programming Skills. So, to have a profound understanding of swift programming, you can join Swift Training in Bangalore and equip yourself with the help of its core concepts, benefits, strategies and features.

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