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Networking is the design, construction and the use of a network. The purpose of the network is to share resources such as applications, files and printers. A client-server network is to manage the shared resources and security for the PCs and network users. CCNA is the basic course from Cisco and it lands in the field of networking. Internet Protocol is commonly called as TCP/IP and it is used for similar networks and Internet. Network Protocol is agreed upon the rules and it shows how the networks are working. It is necessary to know about the quality and quantity of all products. Computer Networking is the process of connecting network devices such as Servers, Computers, Firewall, etc., for the purpose of data sharing. Learn more about Cisco CCNA via CCNA Training in Chennai. Networking is the great career option for all professionals, choose your career in this domain.

Career Key

Networking is helpful to your career and it is a part of our daily work. Career Networking involves using academic, professional and personal contacts to assist the job.

Job titles for networking

  1. Network Engineer
  2. Network Technician
  3. Network Administrator
  4. Network Analyst/Programmer

Types of Networking

  1. MAN-Metropolitan Area Network
  2. LAN-Local Area Network
  3. SAN-System Area Network
  4. WAN-Wide Area Network

Represent your skills

Networking is an emerging one in today’s world. Career opportunities in networking is always high, people who are interested to shift over career in this domain can get training at CCNA course in Chennai.10+ years of experienced candidates offer training to the students with real-time examples. Use this opportunity and learn everything about networking.

Latest topics of Networking

  1. Network Security & Cryptography
  2. TCP/IP Protocol Layering
  3. Mobile ADHOC Network
  4. Home Networking
  5. General System Layering
  6. Flexible Optical Networking
  7. Network Management

CCNA Specializations

  1. CCNA Industrial
  2. CCNA Cloud
  3. CCNA Data Center
  4. CCNA Service Provider
  5. CCNA Security
  6. CCNA Collaboration
  7. CCNA Routing and Switching

Networking field always offers an endless opportunity. Certified candidate can get various designations. Network Associate, Network Administrator position gives an enormous amount of salary. Administrators always want to set a new network with high security. This is the right time to learn networking course at CCNA Training Institute in Chennai. Learn more and achieve more in networking world.

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